Best Choice Insurance in Winnsboro, SC
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Address: 322 S. Congress Street
Winnsboro, SC 29180
Phone: 803-635-0035
Business Type: Dental
Business Type: Life
Business Type: Medical
Business Type: Rental
Free Quotes: Yes
Licensed: Yes
Local Agent/Adjuster: Yes
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Best Choice Insurance  
With so many choices, let me help you sort out what you need and don't need.  If you have insurance and just want to know if you have enough coverage or the right policy please call me and I will be happy to sit down with you. 

Do you have any special needs or chronic medical condition?  If so, you may be eligible for The Special Needs Plan. 

Do you understand the the Medicare Advantage Plus and Medicare Supplements Policies?  I can help you better understand your choices. 

Please call our office to find out when our next luncheon is.

Are you self employed?  Let us help you find the right benefits.


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Terrible Customer Service

shellielynn604 March 20, 2013
I am an employee of a medical billing group. We sent a claim for one of their members back on 12-31-2011. As of this date we still have not been paid, and they are finding many excuses not to pay the claim. We have answered all of their questions, provided all requested imformation and still no answers. I have called them and spent over 4 hours on the phone (most of it on hold) trying to get the matter resolved. They already paid the assistant surgeon for his services but are refusing to pay our claim in a timely manner. The Customer service front line people are great, but if you need to be transferred to the escalatiom department you are out of luck. I called the agent who is handling my claim over 8 times. All of those times he never once picked up the phone. If you are looking for an upstanding company that will provide you the services you pay for, DO NOT USE CARE IMPROVEMENT PLUS!!!!
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Best Choice Insurance

Best Choice Insurance — Insurance — Winnsboro

Products: Medicare Advantage - Care Improvement Plus and Humana
Services: Life, Dental and Health Insurance Prescription Drug, Part D Hospital Critical Illness
Specialties: Senior Market Medicare Advantage, Humana
Business Types: Senior Market Insurance products renters insurance, self employed benefits
Service Area: Winnsboro, SC, Ridgeway, SC, Greater Columbia, SC Fairfield County, Blythewood SC
Brands Offered: Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, ForeThought, Settler
Time Zone: Eastern
Business Tagline: We are your Best Choice.
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